Hi and Welcome to BDL PHOTOS.


My name is Bonnie D'Lizarraga and I am located in Madison Connecticut. I have traveled all around Connecticut to capture people, wildlife and landscapes. My enthusiasm for photography started when I took a photography class in high school and I have been passionate ever since. My family and friends have been a huge inspiration for my photographs and they encouraged me to follow my dreams. Another passion I have is scrapbooking and creating photo books which I incorporate into gifts for loved ones. The look on the recipient's face means so much to me and makes the labor intensity certainly well worth it.


I enjoy photographing people because their eyes and smile say so much especially photographs of the elderly as the photos come through with so much expression and character. Photographing children is also very special to me since their pure innocence comes shining through. I can always find interesting wildlife and, with all their different colors and sizes, there is constantly something new to capture. It does take patience to get the perfect shot as the subject may have to come closer or do something different but I am always willing to wait if it means getting that "great shot". During my travels around Connecticut, I found so much beauty and tranquility in the landscapes and found my photographs captured the peace that I felt.


I consider my photography successful when my photographs make someone smile, laugh or think of someone or something special. My photos of family and friends help me to keep my memories alive. I hope to capture your memories!